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Steven Aguilera — The Mind Behind The Devil's Grave

As my first film, I did not comprehend how much work would be involved in attempting to learn so many new jobs and tasks on my own, including:

  1. Executive Producer

  2. Director

  3. Writer (I had written five as-of-yet unproduced feature scripts prior)

  4. Actor (if playing a dead guy can be called “acting”)

  5. Editor

  6. Storyboard Artist

  7. Visual Effects

  8. Craft Services

  9. Location Scout

  10. Casting Director

  11. Set Designer and Dresser

  12. Prop Design

  13. Dialogue Editor

  14. Sound Designer

  15. (A little) Camerawork

  16. Promotion and Marketing

  17. Composer

Pretty much everything in pre-production and post-production, in fact.

My prior experience in film was on the design crew of the Roman Coppola-produced "Clownhouse" starring Sam Rockwell. I have also authored an art instruction book on the subject of Perspective for Drawing, Photography and Filmmaking. Beyond that, my artistic career has focused mainly on portrait drawing, graphic design and website design up to now.

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Theodore Aguilera — Executive Producer

Ted extended funding and a new camera to the project. A creative-type himself, his science fiction can be found here.

Chia-Yu Chen — Director of Photography

With an impressive list of credentials and awards, Chia was not only technically brilliant in operating his cameras and related equipment, but was hired for his strong aesthetic eye. He came ready to work and did so patiently and efficiently with this first-time director. Collaborating with Chia was a priceless experience that taught me a great deal about this filmmaking craft.


Ted Short — Production Sound Mixer

A filmmaking veteran, Teddy elevated the production value of our film with his extensive production sound recording and mixing expertise while elevating our morale with his lively personality. The conditions were extreme with a busy airport two miles away and an elementary school just a block over, but what he achieved was a miracle of modern sound recording!


Sara E. Swieca — Costume Designer, Special FX Makeup Artist, Key Hairstylist & Key Makeup Artist

Sara really impressed me with her ability to swiftly and masterfully address makeup (both glamour and effects), wardrobe as well as hair. She was also just really fun to be around!

Noelle Vanatta — Additional Makeup Effects

Noelle came aboard to handle our makeup effects during additional photography, as Sara had a prior commitment. On very short notice and armed with just a few printed screenshots, she managed to match each makeup effect while under the gun of ever-diminishing daylight.


Cliff Roach — Second Assistant Camera

Cliff’s attention to detail saved us from several continuity mishaps. Clearly a fan of film, his thoughtful assistance and interest in making the film the best it could be unburdened us greatly throughout principal photography.


Duffy Dibley — Casting Associate

An actor, writer and producer himself, Duffy’s efforts resulted in the casting of our lead actress, Amanda, which contributed immeasurably to the film’s quality result.

Michelle Carlbert — Special Thanks

A notable writer herself, it was through Michelle that we were able to secure our filming location. Her assistance and patience during the entire pre-production, production and much of post-production are greatly appreciated. Although uncredited as such, she also stepped in to play “Dead Body #2” under the tarp for several shots. Multi-talented, indeed.


Tal Kapelner — Special Thanks 

Tal’s advice and input were instrumental while planning the film. As an independent filmmaker and screenwriter, he guided me down the right path in getting this ambitious project managed.

Janet Myerberg — Special Thanks

Janet owns the house where we shot the film and was very generous in allowing us to shoot there despite the destruction leveled on her backyard. All she asked was that I replant the grass and pull the ivy off her garage (this was easier said than done, as I have never seen so many creepy spiders in my life.).

Scott and Matthew Giddings — Special Thanks 

My good friends Scott and his cousin Matt donated computer parts, timely funding and moral support at the production’s darkest hours to save the day behind the scenes on more than one occasion.

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