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The Scary Script

The Original Script For The Devil's Grave Short

This is the complete script used for filming our "short":


It is interesting to see the subtle changes that took place during the shoot and later in the editing process. More surprising, though, is how faithful the story remained. This is the nice thing about being both writer and director —your original vision is better maintained. With six pages, the intention was to keep the film at around five to six minutes. It ended up as nearly ten. So much for one page = one minute of screen time.

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The Original Feature-length Script of The Devil's Grave

This short video is based on a feature-length screenplay of the same name. The plot and characters, however, are completely different. What remains is the premise of the circle of dead grass which seems to draw death to itself.

If you are in a verifiable studio or producer/production company capacity, please for the full script which is still available.

In fact, I have written five feature-length scripts to date with a sixth about to commence. They consist of a sci-fi/horror, supernatural thriller, creature feature, haunted house and a romantic comedy of all things. My next script will be a supernatural thriller as well.

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Script Consulting

If screenwriting is your passion, I also offer script consulting at a fee of $600. This covers a detailed formatting analysis (ensuring that everything is properly placed on the page and written according to screenwriting rules) as well as overall story and character notes. Please for more info.

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