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The Making Of A Horror Short

The revelation that I should write and direct my first film came to me on the afternoon of August 21st, 2011. My initial move to Los Angeles a few months earlier was with the intent of first selling one of my five screenplays and eventually directing as well. Making my own film seemed like a more sane action over sitting around and waiting. So during the ensuing weeks, I considered what this film should be about and the scope of its production. I settled on a theme initially created for a feature-length supernatural thriller written a couple of years before called, "The Devil's Grave." Although the story, setting and characters are completely different, the basic premise of dead circle and the mysteries it holds remained.

With a six-page script soon completed, I next needed to figure out how to actually produce a film with no schooling on the matter and little experience on set. I had, however, authored an art instruction book on the subject of Perspective, with an edition focusing on photography and filmmaking. In fact, if anything, the idea of me being a writer perplexes many, since I have been primarily known for my visual works in drawing and website design.

As I began planning things out, the scope of the film became increasingly ambitious. I also became more informed on what technology now has to offer the independent filmmaker and grew more excited.

And on March 4th, 2012, it was done.

With my rookie film now behind me, I cannot begin to catalog the volume of experience I have gained as I pushed my way through each facet of the filmmaking process. This project was a perfect first step in learning this craft and I am anxious to get started on the next one.

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